Five minutes with Buffalo7

1.   Can you tell us a bit about Buffalo7 and what you do?
Sure – we’re a Manchester-based presentation design agency dedicated to changing the way companies present. Out with boring slides – in with amazing visuals. In the last few months alone we’ve transformed the way leading brands like Red Bull, PlayStation, UEFA Champions League and Facebook deliver their messages.
Our unique approach has meant multinational clients have sought us out (rather than vice-versa) and they keep coming back to us as repeat business, enabling us to grow rapidly in terms of turnover (1,500% year-on-year) and team size.
2.   What made you sign up as an exhibitor at ProlificNorthLive?
We’re exhibiting at ProlificNorthLive to get out there locally (as ironically we work very little in our back yard, yet have clients all across the globe) and show new faces exactly what it is we do. People are often speechless when they discover that our work is actually built in PowerPoint – and when this happens, we know we’ve done our job right.
3.   What are you looking forward to bringing to the event? 
We want the people who visit us at the event to be shocked by what’s possible in PowerPoint and we’re building a stand that will allow us to give fast-paced demos showing how great our work is in five minutes or less (because we’re all busy… right?).
People who drop by our stand will be able to take a much-needed sit down, have a drink, and chat to us about what they do and whether we can help them; or they can simply check out some examples of our work – we believe that the best way to explain what we do is simply to show people.
4.    What excites you most about the North’s media and creative sectors? 
It has to be the sheer variety and richness of talent based here. The North has a long history of media and creative excellence: The Guardian was founded here, we’re home to some of the longest-operating TV studios in the UK, and we’ve produced the best-loved musicians in the world.
And there’s no signs of slowing down – if you drive into Manchester you might pass a gigantic building-side banner reading ‘Creativity Is Forged on the Anvil of Industry’, which is absolutely true: the region’s legacy of industriousness lives on its creative output.
5.    Why is the North such an exciting place to be right now for creative and digital businesses? 
With developments like MediaCityUK in Salford and the promise of devolution for the North, the region looks set to continue incubating and attracting new kinds of expertise and skillsets – which in turn creates exciting new opportunities for both businesses and employees. We’re delighted that an exhibition of this size is launching to reflect the quality and variety of Northern creative and digital businesses.
6.    Where do you see Buffalo7 in five years’ time?
By doing something new and creating our own niche, our work has attracted attention from the likes of Samsung, Microsoft and HSBC. As a result of repeat business from international clients like these, we’ve experienced exponential growth in a short time period. But our aspirations don’t end here – we want to expand internationally in a way that we can deliver high-quality work to clients across the globe with an even shorter turnaround time. We’re currently headquartered in Manchester with an office in London, but there have been rumblings about LA and Singapore, too…
Simply put, we want to be the authority on all things presentation-related internationally.
7.    If Buffalo7 could have a dinner party with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?
We’d have to say PowerPoint creator Robert Gaskins – for the influence he’s had on what we do and so that we could pick his brain on presentations, designer Dieter Rams – for the impact his 10 Principles of Design have had on our creative team, and Jamie xx – so he can answer for the inordinate amount of airplay he gets in the studio.