Five minutes with theEword

1.   Can you tell us a bit about theEword and what you do?

theEword is a digital marketing agency that specialises in using content marketing to positively influence buying decisions and drive measurable business results. We use our blend of technical and creative skills, including content marketing, SEO, PPC, copywriting, web development and social, in order to meet a business’ goals.

Founded in 2006, theEword has grown from two people to a team of more than 40. From our home in Trafford Park we have worked with some of the biggest brands and most exciting start-ups in the UK and overseas, cultivating a proven track record of increasing traffic, conversions and brand awareness.

2.   What made you sign up as an exhibitor at ProlificNorthLive?

We are a big supporter of Prolific North, and have worked with the publisher on several initiatives, including our sponsorship of the Top 50 PR Agencies list for the past three years. We have always seen value in our relationship with Prolific North so were naturally very interested to be involved with the launch of this brand new event. As a content-driven digital marketing agency in Manchester, we pride ourselves on sharing knowledge and positioning ourselves as a trusted source of information in the North West. ProlificNorthLive will attract some of the biggest businesses in the UK and provide an opportunity for us to do this in the live, exciting environment of a conference.

3.   What are you looking forward to bringing to the event? 

We’ll be presenting, in an engaging and interactive way, how businesses can use content to better define their value proposition and market themselves to customers at all stages of the buying journey. Visitors to our stand will be challenged to reflect on what it is they want to say about their businesses and to whom. We’ll also have our team of experts on hand to provide advice and answer any questions throughout the day.

4.   What excites you most about the North’s media and creative sectors? 

You only need to look at the Prolific North newsletter every day to see the volume of exciting goings-on in the region’s media and creative sectors. The North is increasingly standing up in its own right and not just being seen as a scaled-down alternative to London. In all of the creative and media disciplines, there are unique offerings in the North, which is why the industry is in such good health.

5.   Why is the North such an exciting place to be right now for creative and digital businesses?

Generally speaking, there is a spirit of innovation that permeates the Northern way of being, which is why some of the most exciting and original start-ups are sprouting out of places such as Manchester and Leeds. With the idea of the Northern Powerhouse, we could be on the cusp of a new era of collaboration that could see the region take a big step up on the global stage. The benefits of running a business in the North make it a very attractive proposition, which is why there are so many brands, media and creative businesses with bases here – not least the BBC, who, in choosing Salford as the location of their Northern operation, sent out a very strong message to the industry.

6.   Where do you see theEword in five years’ time?

This can be a tricky question to answer because of the pace with which the digital and online spaces evolve – who is to say what new technologies we will all be working with in five years’ time? As an agency, we have the usual sort of goals relating to things like revenue, headcount and purpose – we know that we want to be seen as one of the country’s best digital marketing agencies – but the really fascinating thing is thinking about what channels, tools and disciplines we will embrace over the next five years. At our core we will continue to help big brands influence their customers’ buying processes, but how we go about that will continue to evolve in line with technology.

7.  If theEword could have a dinner party with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Steve Jobs. It would almost be a crime not to. His wonderful stance on marketing, selling dreams and great experiences, not products, is something we could all learn from. He also sported a turtleneck like a true gentleman, so we’d seek some style tips.

Oprah Winfrey. She is an inspiration to many, not least those who admire the way she has built her media empire. We would ask how it feels to be able to influence millions of people, to make or break brands and publishers via the content she puts out. And also whether or not she was even slightly tempted to push Tom Cruise off that couch…

William Shakespeare. As an agency that puts content, often taking the form of the written word, at the heart of everything it does, we would love to spend time with someone whose works have survived for centuries and are still capable of influencing hearts and minds today.