Five minutes with Seconds That Count

1.    Can you tell us a bit about Seconds That Count and what you do?

Seconds That Count works hand in hand with agencies, production companies, and direct with clients to create shareable animated content that gets people talking, raises profiles, and feeds consumers’ thirst for content. We specialise in stop motion wizardry and trickery. As the animator / director, I have 12 years of experience that started within the delights of children’s animation. I then broadened out to work with brands to build their business seven years ago. This offers a greater variety of projects, challenges, and clients – which is really exciting for us.

2.    What made you sign up as an exhibitor at ProlificNorthLive?

It’s a great opportunity to be involved in something that hasn’t been done before. And I know Prolific North can deliver, so it seemed a no brainer.

3.    What are you looking forward to bringing to the event? 

Entertainment with stop motion trickery! But mostly, we’re looking forward to inspiring and leading people with our creativity. And sweets, we’ll be bringing sweets!

4.    What excites you most about the North’s media and creative sectors? 

Quite simply, we are the best. The best ideas, the best execution – in the North it’s organic without trying too hard to be cool. The region is also great for employers who want the best candidates in their teams, as Manchester especially has a big attraction for new talent.

5.    Why is the North such an exciting place to be right now for creative and digital businesses?

It’s exciting because of the opportunities for all business to grow together. The community is friendly, and we all understand that we need each other in order to grow our own businesses.

6.    Where do you see Seconds That Count in five years’ time?

Seconds That Count has a sister company, and both are part of plans that form a big jigsaw. The plan is to create various content channels for different target markets and to grow the team and client base, and part of that is establishing us as the “go to” for stop motion in Manchester. The end goal is to create the best content for the best brands in Manchester and beyond.

7.    If Seconds That Count could have a dinner party with three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Firstly Walt Disney – he lead the team that developed the techniques that all animators use, and also had a lot of difficult times in business before he became a success.

Secondly, Steve Jobs. It’s an obvious one, but it wouldn’t be to talk to him about Apple. I’d want to talk to him about him seeing the potential in Pixar when Disney were firing John Lassiter and looking elsewhere.

And finally, Kermit the Frog! Because he has a tough time leading the Muppets, and he was until recently dating Miss Piggy, who’s personally my favourite character… (I would invite her, but I think the conversation would solely be about her!).