Exhibition Fright Show!

Imageco will be exhibiting at next February’s Marketing Show North.

As marketing teams and trade show attendees are aware, it’s undeniably important to have a visually engaging, informative and intriguing exhibition stand as an integral part of your marketing mix.

They’re invaluable for exhibitions, events and other places to showcase your brand. On the other hand, there’s nothing more unappealing than an exhibition stand gone-wrong. It’s vital to understand what not to do in preparing for your debut or return visit to an exhibition to avoid giving your clientele a fright this October.

While it’s tempting to try to save a few pounds on your exhibition stand, it can work to your detriment to go for cheaper options. There’s nothing that can turn away a potential client like a cheap exhibition stand that slowly begins to dismantle itself over the course of the day. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t print your banners and posters on A4 paper, stuck to the wall with clear tape, but poor taste is the main one.

By leaning towards bespoke, expertly designed and built banners or other stand equipment, you can solidify your brand’s aesthetic and stylishness. In addition, your purchases are completely sustainable because of their reusability. It’s a solid investment to make that has plenty of pay-offs. The time, money and energy that is funnelled into these investments is visible on the final product. However, even with a professionally-made stand on show, those that have had no obvious planning put into their visuals can appear even worse.

Signage crammed full of information has the potential to send a messy message – when littered with contact details, copy about the business and other superfluous type, it’s possible buyers won’t stick around for long.

The solution? Be bold. Make relevant cuts and only give the most simplistic, straightforward information its spotlight on your stand. Once you’ve selected the essential information to be put on your banners, ensure you haven’t sent it to the printers without a good proof-reading. Disorganisation really shows through in other aspects of your exhibition, too.  For example, never assume an event organiser will provide what you need. Pre-emptively organise your stand’s necessities down to the minor details.

Lastly, treading away from the design and preparation elements of your stand, it’s important to lead with your best foot forward. Never leave an exhibition stand without a number of your best employees manning the fort.

Buyers and executives don’t want to be lured by a perfect stand to find a ghost town. You’ll need your most alert, enthusiastic and motivated staff in the field – quality staff will collaborate well with a quality stand.