B2B Marketing Trend Predictions for 2019

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The only constants in B2B marketing are innovation, adaptation and renovation.

In an ever-changing yet leading industry, it’s important to remain malleable and open to change as trends are set and technology expands its reach.

That’s why, as we look ahead to 2019, our predictions for B2B marketing revolve around the theme of adaptation.

In the new year, we expect to see B2B marketers adapt to the content demands of their clientele, to fresh-off-the-belt technologies and to effective marketing techniques.  

Sales & Marketing Mergers

Most B2B marketers expect to see a continuing overlap of sales and marketing strategies. While there are a number of ways to unite sales and marketing teams, the most essential and popular iteration is account-based marketing (ABM).

ABM in B2B industries blends together the marketing strategy with client-based sales goals – and more importantly, is an amazingly effective and fast-moving marketing method. ABM is likely to boom into popularity in 2019 because in the next year, 60% of B2B brands aim to switch to this model.

The Rise of AI & MarTech

MarTech is the technology available that helps to make marketing teams’ jobs easier by implementing digital tools. Currently, 50% of B2B brands have dedicated automation platforms, which could include social media scheduling sites such as Hootsuite or even systems able to create entire content.

But this is set to rise, and its expansion is not limited to just B2B MarTech tools. It’s said that almost three-quarters of users prefer to interact with chatbots when seeking answers to simple information – B2B marketers are savvy enough to acknowledge this. As 2019 sets itself in motion, we expect to see B2B teams implement AI tools traditionally used for B2C clientele.

New Content

As of 2018, half of B2B marketers expect to see their content budgets rise – but what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Content is used to increase brand reach and voice. So, while this might indicate a burst of literary content on company sites, it’s actually visual and auditory media that will be thrust into the spotlight and employed into the B2B marketing armoury.

Video content is the most obvious and dominant method of communication that is set to rise in popularity because audiences respond extremely well to visual media. Woven throughout video content, however, will likely be up-and-coming content formats such as podcasts. In an era where 80% of podcast listeners listen to 7 shows a week on average, it’s essential that B2B marketers board this trend, fast.

As experts in B2B marketing, we try to stay ahead the trends we predict as each new year approaches. If you’re looking for a B2B marketer to implement effective ahead-of-the-game techniques, get in touch with our team at Halston Marketing.