From Festive Fun to The January Sales – Make CRM Your Anchor

Data Dwell will be exhibiting at next February’s Marketing Show North.

Traditionally, the January sales began when you might imagine – in January.

But now, like other sales holidays such as Black Friday, the January sales period has been pulled well forward of its original start date.

It’s the most hair-raising time of the year! Especially for FMCG marketing teams who are thrown out of the frying pan of Christmas and into the fire of the January sales.

Bustling marketing teams need to implement their January strategies in mid-December, if they want to stand any chance of cutting through the noise and reaching their customers during this busy period.

The value of marketing tools

To help them out, successful marketers know the importance of tools that can help simplify their planning, content production and marketing management during the rush.

The challenge many teams face during this period is that they’re while juggling a wealth of other responsibilities, busy sprucing up their social media accounts and content with January sales terminology and adding new promotions.

They’re missing out on a key tool that will simplify their marketing campaigns now and in the future. They’re missing a strong CRM.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are effective ways of managing, retaining and improving business relationships.

For marketing teams, the benefits of implementing a relevant CRM tool is huge.

Coping with busy schedules

New Year promotions usually means madness in the marketing department. Often, things are up in the air whilst you’re juggling a hundred-and-one tasks, and it’s hard to keep communication with important customers or clients running successfully.

CRM tools can simplify this and take some of the stress away.

Good CRM platforms allow scheduled email communication and automated tasks, keeping targeted New Year content and information doing the rounds. You can stay on your clients’ radars while focusing on other important marketing tasks!

Automating data collection

The best CRM tools also offer reliable and automatic data reporting.

This means you don’t need to be spending valuable time extracting key performance data or creating spreadsheets – it’s all done for you.

And when it’s in front of you, you can use it to improve the ROI on your marketing!

Automated spreadsheets and software like Data Dwell show marketers which content is effective and which isn’t. You can see what’s being opened, read and watched, what’s being shared, and what’s being ignored.

While the CRM tool is automatically sending out emails to your customers, keeping these relationships going, you have the time to immediately optimise your strategy to overcome any January sales hurdles and ensure its success.

No CBM Strategy? Go for CRM!

If your marketing team isn’t yet running a client-based marketing (CBM) strategy, then the sales pipeline needs to be constantly revisited to ensure that any marketing efforts are aligned with the sales strategy.

CRM tools like Data Dwell’s Sales Enablement software gives marketing teams a closer relationship with their sales pipeline by offering ways of analysing and optimising the content they are producing and sharing. It closes the gap between sales and marketing, and lets you produce strategies to generate and close leads more effectively.

Why Choose CRM Tools?

As January approaches, it’s important to find and utilise effective tools that can make your sales marketing run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

By employing customer relationship management (CRM) tools, you’ll ensure that the relationship between you and your client stays active while you handle the nitty gritty of January sales! They help make life easier during this busy period for you and your team.