Print Industry Predictions That Will Change the Game for Marketing

Imageco will be exhibiting at next February’s Marketing Show North.

From exhibitions and events to the assets used by a marketing team, the print industry is undoubtedly and intrinsically influential to all aspects of our marketing world.

That’s why, when making predictions for the print industry in 2019, it’s important to consider how this will affect the marketing teams that turn to unique printing methods when brainstorming exciting campaign strategies.

Here are our print industry predictions that will change the game for marketing teams.

3D Print & Digital Screen Technologies

The new year is set to see an increase in interactivity in the print industry. To facilitate this move, we expect that 3D printing will become a prominent and popular tool. Upcoming trends include unique, bespoke 3D-printed POS structures and even digital screen technologies that give customers a boundary-pushing experience.

For marketers, this means that experience-driven assets are key to attracting clients and customers because physical, engaging marketing methods may be overtaking the digital in popularity.

Let There Be Light

Other exciting print tech on the rise for 2019 includes light-based installations. By fusing light with wall prints, rooms and other structures can come alive. At the 2018 100% Design Show, a pioneering piece of technology was revealed: the first illuminated wallpaper. By sewing electroluminescent neon wires into the fabric of the wallpaper, the product is able to blend innovation with style.

It’s these ever-evolving innovations in print that mean marketing teams have to step outside of the box when exploring potential campaign tools. Clearly, the demand for this stuff is around – so marketing teams should be giving their clientele the great, stylish equipment they’re looking for to attract customers.

Architectural Vinyls on the Rise

Architectural vinyls are a little less in the realm of science fiction but nevertheless as innovative. These prints save money while providing attractive, engaging and unique visual illusions.

Currently, this trend is massive in the hospitality industry, with hotels firmly on the bandwagon. However, architectural vinyls are just as great for office spaces, exhibitions, and more.

What Does This Mean for Marketing Teams?

For marketing teams, these predictions indicate that communication with clients’ or customers’ needs to increase in interactivity and engagement. Thankfully, technology and print are set to collide in the print industry, providing marketers with a new toybox to play around with for use in campaigns.

If you’re looking to use eye-catching light boxes, stylish architectural vinyls, unique POS and exhibition structures or more, get in contact with our Imageco team.