Go Green, Now’s the Time!

Imageco will be exhibiting at next February’s Marketing Show North.

All marketing teams know how difficult it is to find marketing materials that aren’t produced at the expense of our environment.

The majority of affordable printing methods for marketers skirt around the issue without offering a green alternative.

In the mission to make our planet green again, our team at Imageco provide attainable, alternate printing methods—and we want to help your marketing team do their bit for the environment.

Increase the Shelf-Life of Banners

HP Latex Technology offers a great way to save money and increase the shelf-life of your marketing materials while keeping print emissions low. Whether it’s banners, graphics or even billboards, HP’s Latex Inks offer a broad set of credentials while addressing the full spectrum of health and environmental concerns associated with hazardous inks.

For marketing teams, this means you’ll no longer have to deal with banners that fade and high-carbon-footprint printing methods. You’ll get outstanding image quality, consistency and durability, and any purchased marketing materials have a lengthy shelf-life while staying great for longer.

Grab Recyclable, Lightweight Exhibition Stands

An alternative to standard, predictable exhibition and POS stands or banners is the Xanita Print board. Made with recycled materials, offering full-recyclability for the future, the board allows exhibitors to go green while actually getting a whole load of benefits.

The material itself is light, meaning construction of your stand or unique structure is easy, and you won’t need a team just to put up a simple banner. Despite this, the material is high-strength, allowing a longevity that is seldom available on the market. This means, for most marketing teams, you’ll be looking at a one-time investment for your marketing gear.

How Can We Make the Change?

Going green isn’t a fast process, but there are certainly ways to make it an easier one.
At Imageco, we work towards a low-carbon economy and help marketing teams follow suit. For more information on how our offerings can help your exhibition stand or marketing materials go green, get in touch with our team