How to choose the perfect social media platforms for your B2B company

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We’re finally here.

B2B marketers everywhere made it through twelve tumultuous months and are ready to face whatever challenges 2019 brings. But as every new year comes and goes, it’s clear that social media platforms are proliferating more than ever. As weeks go by, we’ll see apps come and go, rising and falling in and out of popularity.

For marketers, this can be a whirlwind of not knowing which breadcrumbs to follow and how to plan a baseline social strategy.

In a fast-moving industry, B2B marketers need to solidify their social media strategies before stormy and unpredictable digital environments have the chance to confuse the playing field.

Consider the tools at your disposal

In 2019, your team will need to assess the gadgets available to them before settling on a social media strategy.

Currently, visual and auditory media is employed tenfold within marketing teams because clients love it. In addition, YouTube is the second most famous social networking site. However, it’s no good starting a YouTube channel without proper camera and recording equipment. This may eliminate Instagram, too.

If this equipment isn’t within arm’s reach, look at what you do have: a brand, a brand voice and a customer in mind.

Whittle down your target audience and determine reach

If you employ account-based marketing strategies, it’s easy to whittle down the search for social media platforms by researching where your target clients are active most. For others, the net has to be cast a little wider.

You can find where best to apply your social marketing campaigns by listening out for where industry conversation is loudest. This could be an amalgamation of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or none at all. Other rising marketing sites include Pinterest, Redditt and more, but not a lot of companies rest their laurels on anything outside of the holy social media trifecta: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

It’s essential to think outside the box when on the lookout—it’s easy to think the wrong platforms are relevant when so many others are doing it.

Find where your brand voice and aesthetic fits best

Another key focus point is to analyse where your brand voice and aesthetic is most suited.

As a B2B company or B2B marketing team, you’ve likely spent a lot of time and money on branding. If your target client is looking for something more professional, it might be best to stick to occupational profile-building sites like LinkedIn, whereas, if your target client is trendy and relaxed, you can lean towards more social-based platforms.

At Halston Marketing, we offer bespoke social media training packages that forge concrete bridges to expert marketing strategies. Get in touch with our team for more information on how we can help your company begin its social media journey.