MarTech Predictions for 2019

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The latest developments and innovations in technology are impacting every single industry. Their impact is definitely felt in marketing.

As we enter the final year of the decade, we can expect more advancements in AI and tech to transform the marketing industry from the ground up.

While innovation is driven forward rapidly and the MarTech market becomes saturated, the industry is thriving. There are so many new products, new processes and new tech to look forward to, here are our predictions for MarTech’s year in 2019.

A Desaturating Market

MarTech has seen a rapid increase in technologies and digital solutions offered to marketers in the past year. Subsequently, this has concerned MarTech industry leaders that the market has become over-saturated.

But powerhouses are beginning to emerge: this year, Marketo was acquired by Adobe, for example.

From a marketer’s perspective, this shows a saturated field narrowing down again.

Whilst competition drives innovation, too much choice in the marketplace is a challenge for buyers looking for the right MarTech solutions. Mergers, acquisitions and consolidations will hopefully mean a better, unified experience for users of technology.

MarTech companies may begin to integrate to form single, simple offerings that have the potential to make a marketer’s search for tech a whole lot easier. You won’t need three separate products to achieve your end goal.

Changing MarTech Buying Trends

Consequently, a narrowing market will also change the way marketers buy MarTech.

Marketing teams seek functionality and simplicity, and as the landscape begins to whittle down, they’ll start to be on the look-out for easy-to-use, unified technology that does exactly what they need.

And ideally, this unified technology will offer many more features that will be of use too, that marketers may not have invested in on their own.  

Companies who are able to provide calm solutions among a stormy, crowded market might be the ones to make it through.

MarTech and Sales Team Integration

Account-based marketing, or ABM, is an increasingly popular method of generating and converting B2B leads through the collaborative work of sales and marketing teams. This will undoubtedly continue in 2019.

However, as MarTech companies continue to innovate and become more competitive, we’re likely to see technology that integrates the sales and marketing even further, with the likes of advanced Sales Enablement software.

We may see them target sales teams directly, or sales teams themselves seeking MarTech to solidify their leads.

AI and Chatbots

AI is an increasingly-in-demand tech innovation that marketers are looking to implement at every possible opportunity to make their day-to-day responsibilities easier.

Currently, one of the most popular AI tools are internet chatbots, which are used to advise, recommend products, troubleshoot and offer general help to customers.

As 80% of sales and marketing leaders say they already use chatbots (or plan to do so by 2020), it’s easy to predict the rise of chatbots as a tool for conversion among marketing teams.

Their implementation may not be as widespread as these figures suggest, but that will certainly change as the logic and technology of AI chatbots continues to improve at exponential rates. The expanding hype around these tools will subsequently push more software vendors to implement AI into their product strategy.

At Data Dwell, we’re at the forefront of technology, innovation and MarTech trends. With Digital Asset Management and Sales Enablement software, we’re helping marketers and sales team to use MarTech effectively to transform their operations.