Marketing Show North has become the biggest ever gathering of marketing companies, vendors and suppliers held outside London.

#MSN20 will return to Manchester on the 11 & 12 March 2020 in a new city centre location, Manchester Central.
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Over a hundred years separated the first direct mail campaign and the first commercially-driven mass email.

By contrast, the last five years have witnessed the emergence of big data, iBeacons, chatbots, drones, artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, virtual and augmented reality, voice and visual search and the internet of things. There has never been a more exhilarating time to be a marketer.

And yet the lightning pace of change in every sphere of marketing means that just when you think that you are getting the hang of something, you are already lagging behind. Don’t panic. Put a date in your diary for Marketing Show North 2020 at Manchester Central in Manchester.

Marketing Show North is a thoroughbred amongst marketing expos in the UK. As Prolific North Live, we established the largest and most compelling event held outside London embracing the media, creative, digital, and marketing communities.

Rechristened and rebranded to Marketing Show North, we continue to grow in size and engagement by focussing more acutely on the entire spectrum of the marketing mix, including sales and customer engagement. The future of marketing is becoming more responsive, authentic, and analytical as new platforms and technologies are adopted. Marketing Show North will explore that future.


Marketing Show North will explore all aspects of the rapidly evolving marketing mix – from marketing technologies to changes in sales and customer engagement techniques. Now in its fourth year, the expo continues to grow in size and engagement, providing our delegates with real-time experience and learning in;

Email Marketing // Mobile Marketing // Social Media Marketing // Telemarketing // Video/Visual Content Production // Print // Merchandising // Brand Development // Analytics and data // Business Intelligence // Market Research // Direct Marketing // Content Marketing // Advertising/PR // Design Agencies // Website Design & Development // Affiliate Marketing // Marketing Training & Consulting // SEO / PPC / Programatic // Marketing Automation/AI // Marketing Platforms // Gamification // CRM Marketing & Customer Insight // Financial/Professional Services targeting TMT Sector // UX Advertising Tech Agencies // Industry Associations // Cloud Consultancy // Cloud Hosting // Exhibition Stand Design // Marketing Platforms // Lead Generation // Search Advertising Platforms // Presentation Agency // Sharepoint adtech // Marketing Media // Publishing // Property // Recruitment // Immersive Technologies // Contract Sales Houses for Brands, SMEs & Agencies // Sales & Performance Enhancement Companies // Sales & CRM Platforms // Business restructuring/engineering firms // Advertising // Behavioural Marketing // Customer Engagement, Retention & Loyalty // Customer Reviews & Reputation Management // Education, Training & Development // Loyalty, Incentives & Rewards // POP & POS // Retail Marketing Software

To find out how you can get involved in #MSN20, contact Jill Taylor, Event Director on 07879 471 636 or email