Trust, Transparency and Traditional Media

72Point will be exhibiting at Marketing Show North 2019. The below article originally appeared on their website.

Although the advent of digital news was supposed to – and to some extent has – heralded an end to the finite number of pages that once restricted the profession, it has also given birth to new challenges as brands go in search of meaningful metrics in a landscape where the demand for column inches has seldom been so great.

Last month a new readership measurement standard for the news publishing industry was launched to give a single, “de-duplicated” view across all platforms to publishers and advertisers.

Compared to the NRS, which is a print-focused survey with digital figures taken in addition, Pamco offers a breakdown by platform across print, phone (mobile), tablet and desktop, giving a “total brand reach” that is more robust than the measurements used to date which are subject to generous interpretation and easily corrupted by cookies and bots.

As NMA chairman David Dinsmore said, the measurement keeps news brands in “top position when it comes to transparency” in an age when the measurement of some media is “highly questionable”.

The results of the survey will make for daunting reading for some, because at their heart they show a renewed reliance from consumers on traditional publishers. The Sun was revealed to be the most read news brand in the UK, followed by the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, all of which boast more than 25 million monthly readers.

It means that an increasing number of brands will consider the success of a campaign based on its ability to make a splash in the national press, but with a tsunami of content blocking the way a splash can easily become a drip if due care isn’t taken, which can be a hard pill to swallow after countless hours of creative work and client liaisons.

Which is why we include national media exposure as a guarantee with all our packages at 72Point. Thanks to our heritage as part of the SWNS Media Group and our ability to work content so that it has mainstream media appeal we have an unrivalled money-back pledge on our projects, which is underpinned by our confidence in our creative.

We are compelled by design to put integrity at the heart of everything we do, as our content is used by the vast majority of national publications, making up for a significant percentage of “front of the book” stories. We don’t publish overtly branded stories and have to pass rigorous controls carried out by news editors to get the story filed, and the media trust us as a result.

But we would be nothing if it was not for the ingenuity of the team to deliver content that works across publications and across channels. 72Point is made up of top flight media experts and PR professionals who make up an enviable hub of creativity. We have former print news editors, a current online news editor and a range of ex-media talent that ensures we deliver projects that are stitched up from both sides, with the best creative being delivered with unrivalled access to the media.

It’s a combination that couldn’t be more apt in today’s media environment. According to this year’s State of the Media survey by Cision, which polled 1,355 journalists from across six countries on their perceptions of the media and communications industries, journalists rely on public relations partners now more than ever, with the traditional press release being the most trusted piece of content.

In an age where budgets are thin and brands are increasingly being relied on to fund content generation, the results are hardly surprising. Out of all the issues the industry is facing, 28 per cent of the journalists surveyed said staffing and resources were the biggest challenges in the industry over the last 12 months.

But before we start popping the champagne corks it is worth considering what this actually means for the PR industry. For a start, this isn’t a call to start bombarding hacks with every piece of ill-conceived content you can get your hands on. It doesn’t mean we should pick up the phone every two minutes and busy the already chaotic desks with more queries. Rather, we should pick out the warnings in this report to unveil where we can really make a difference, and at the top of the list for journalists is sending stories with a “clearly stated news hook” and content that’s “accurate, newsworthy and can be used to enhance their coverage”.

As a result of renewed scrutiny of the sea of content that surrounds us – successful PR needs a more robust benchmark. The smoke and mirrors of digital reach is no longer giving brands the ROI they need. Trusted content in trusted media outlets is what’s important now as brands demand more transparency with their campaigns.

This is our USP, and it is why, increasingly, 72Point is been seen as a direct line to the news desk.

Growing Business Through Clear SEO Strategy

The below article was written by Click Consult’s Head of Organic Search, Mark McGonigle about the challenges that brands face, the changes they can make and the success that they can see. The piece originally appeared on their website.

For businesses, getting their strategy right can be the difference between success and failure. 

What are the challenges that brands and businesses face today from a search marketing perspective?

All brands and business are continually striving for online growth and they are up against frequently evolving search engines with machine learning looking to return the right websites/content in order to achieve more ‘satisfied users’.

This is the biggest challenge facing search marketing, with the need to understand the metrics which the machines are classifying as ‘satisfied’.

There is a continual need to keep reviewing and evaluating the current search marketing strategies in order to ensure that they are correct and that they are returning the expected performance, through keyword positions and subsequent organic sessions.

This will either then be an acknowledgement that the strategy is correct or whether or not it needs altering based on the findings.

Being in strong keyword positions however is just the start, further metrics such as click through rate (CTR) and conversions which are ‘satisfied’ signals to the search engines also need to be continually reviewed.

Are there any new areas that businesses can expand on in terms of digital marketing and how does the future of the industry look?

I wouldn’t necessarily state ‘new areas’ to be expanded upon but I would say that there are areas which some sites feel that are unnecessary in relation to their site, even e-commerce sites need unique and knowledgeable content.

Google is smart enough to understand what the site and page is about, but creating content particularly at category level gives Google a better understanding of the pages it is serving.

Guides can sometimes be overlooked on e-commerce sites but can provide a valuable source of information which search engines will like.

We have seen better converting traffic for sites where informational terms have ranked – such as ‘the difference between’ & ‘what does X mean’

The feeling is that the idea of ‘intent’ appears to be much more critical in terms of the content you produce, and is something that has been overlooked by many businesses. Here at Click Consult, we have, especially over the past few strategy phases, looked at angles that represent a ‘new way of thinking’ or ‘approaching’ search marketing.

How can brands differentiate themselves from their competitors, particularly in congested and highly competitive industries?

As previously mentioned, good informative content will give a brand an edge over their competition – well as long at the content is better quality than their competitors.

But in addition to content there is still a lack of basic technical set up on sites which is the foundation that needs to be built upon, to include elements such as speed, mobile, markup, keywords and taxonomy of the site.

Ensuring the base set up of a site is correct and logical will allow the search engine bots to better understand and serve the content in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Another area which I have felt has fallen to the wayside over the past couple of years is online customer service. The better the customer service then the better reviews which can be requested and returned through structured markups – this then leads to better CTRs, which although not officially confirmed  as a possible ranking factor, the machines are likely to be looking at this metric.

If you could pick one aspect of search marketing for a business to focus on if their goal is to grow quickly, what would it be?

Google has made it clear that the two main updates have been around mobile (March 2018) & speed (July 2018). Whereas these have been on most SEOs radar for a long time now there are still some sites which are catching up and would benefit from making changes to meet these two key updates.

Sites still insist on uploading large scale imagery causing load times to slow and mobile rendering more difficult which will ultimately make users leave or look elsewhere.

This all goes back to the ‘satisfied user’ theory.

As Head of Organic Search, what are the day-to-day challenges that you face in your role and what are the benefits you see?

Each morning I check daily rankings for key clients and if there is any significant change either positive or negative then it’s sleeves rolled up to gather an understanding on what has taken place.

Is it a greater roll out, is it a test, is it a blip, are we behind on delivery or has a piece of coding been added which has caused the issue? Any of these mean I have to piece together the puzzle.

I have to say however, it is ultimately satisfying once you understand what is happening and that stays with you, should this happen to other clients then you have the benefit of a check list to run through.

Undertaking checks on various clients and their industry, helps pull together a more comprehensive list, which would subsequently lead to a resolution.

The Importance of a Producer

Video Production company Standby Productions  will return to Marketing Show North in February as exhibitors. The below article originally appeared on their website.

The importance of having someone for production and account management.

Despite the role varying throughout the industry, the importance of having a producer on board for a project remains unwavering. Either employed by a production company or working on a freelance basis, producers plan and coordinate the production from concept to completion, often acting as an account manager and main point of contact for client, cast and crew.

Without some element of pre-production, turning vision into reality would remain a near impossible task. Not only does it bring all the fundamentals of the production together into a well prepared, shiny package, it also provides client, cast, and crew with a visual representation of the project.

For example, the cast and crew are each sent a call sheet prior to the shoot, which includes call times, contact information, location addresses, and any other additional information that they may need for the day.

Here at STANDBY we have a well structured production process that is maintained successfully throughout each and every project. This process guarantees that all the production documentation, including risk assessments, call sheets, and production schedules, as well as any other logistics and additional information, are completed and signed off ready for the shoot. Not only does the lead up to the shoot benefit from this process, its importance continues throughout the edit. The producer will continue to use these documents to oversee and manage the post-production team, ensuring the project is delivered ontime and on budget (cracking the whip where necessary).

The importance of having one person at the centre of a production allows for effective communication and project-transparency for everyone involved, coupled with a relaxed and trusting relationship between company and client. All of this, combined with efficient account management and skilled producing, ensures the smooth running of each and every film (sounds pretty worthwhile really, doesn’t it!).

Journalists Need Reliable Public Relations Partners Now More Than Ever

72Point will be exhibiting at February’s Marketing Show North. The article below originally appeared on the 72Point website.

“If there’s one thing PR professionals can do to help journalists do their jobs better, it’s ensure that any press releases they do send out have a clearly stated news hook”.

That’s the findings from this year’s State of the Media survey by Cision which polled 1,355 journalists from across six countries on their perceptions of the media and communications industries.

The study found that journalists rely on public relations partners now more than ever, with the traditional press release being the most trusted piece of content.

Seven in ten hacks said their relationships with PR professionals remained as important as ever, while 20 per cent said they are more valuable.

In an age where budgets are thin and brands are increasingly being relied on to fund content generation, the results are hardly surprising.

Out of all the issues the industry is facing, 28 per cent of the journalists surveyed said staffing and resources were the biggest challenges in the industry over the last 12 months.

Social networks and search engines bypassing traditional media came a close second at 25 per cent.

Fake news, blurred lines between editorial and advertising and issues around freedom of the press rounded out the list of challenges.

So good news all around for the PR industry, which seems to be going from strength to strength over the past few years.

But it would do us no good to rest on our laurels.

Hidden amongst the upbeat news on the PR industry are several warnings about a decline in standards.

As the opening paragraph suggests, diluting the news hook in favour of a more brand-driven topline seems to be one of them.

It is a common gripe that we contend with at 72Point.

As part of the UK’s biggest independent news agency our editors are among the most ruthless in the business when it comes to getting sign-off on news copy, and if the news hook isn’t compelling, the story doesn’t get filed.

It is a blessing in disguise in an age where news desks are getting bombarded with press releases on a daily basis. With former editors and journalists working in-house it allows us to overcome the first hurdle of ‘pitching in’ before the story goes out, which is why all our stories come with a guarantee of coverage.

As the Cision report notes, most journalists are happy to work with public relations professionals, “provided they’re receiving information that’s accurate, newsworthy and can be used to enhance their coverage”.

In a nutshell, that is our USP.

We provide stories that are properly researched, current and have a strong news hook that will start national conversations.

According to the data, 22 per cent of journalists said original research on trends was important to them, with 45 per cent saying they want more press releases with a clearly stated news hook.

Another 27 per cent said PR professionals should have data and expert sources ready to go when reporters need them, with authors concluding that: “No matter what happens in the industry, eye-catching, fact-based storytelling is still paramount”.

They said: “The PR professionals who can help reporters and editors with their work — by providing accurate, information-rich press releases and by giving journalists access to sources — will be the ones who will enjoy the greatest success”.

Our 5,269 pieces of online coverage last year suggests that is precisely what we are doing at 72Point.

Official Prolific North Live eBook Released

Once again Prolific North Live brought the region’s premier marketing and communications talent together for two days of inspiration, innovation and insight. Now in its third year, Prolific North Live has become the biggest marketing expo outside of London.

To support this year’s event we have created an official eBook that aims to capture some of the leading ideas and products unfurled over the two day expo.

The options available to Marketers in 2018 are vast, and this eBook looks to dig deeper into the methods businesses are prioritising over the next 12 months and how it has changed since 2017.


In the eBook What Marketers Want 2018  you will find:

  • Insights Theatre speaker Cari Kirby – Marketing Manager from Team Cooper – writing on the value of Gamification
  • 72Point’s Head of Digital, Jack Peat, discussing the importance of PR in 2018
  • The Chief XR Officer for hedgehog labs, Shaun Allan, on Virtual Reality and how it is disrupting the market
  • An exclusive article on the importance of Branding from the founder of Halston Marketing
  • Gemma Richards, Marketing Manager for Fluid Branding, on how to measure ROI with branded merchandise
  • and much more…

8 Yorkshire Teams Confirmed for This Year’s Prolific North Live

Prolific North Live 2018 is approaching. The two-day expo on February 28th and March 1st is seeing businesses from all across the UK come to Manchester to exhibit their innovative products and services.

New exhibitors are confirming their spot at the upcoming two-day expo every day and the Yorkshire presence continues to increase, with currently 10% of all exhibitors coming from the biggest county in England.

Learn more about some of the biggest Yorkshire brands exhibiting at this year’s two day expo below.

1. Force24 | Leeds, Yorkshire

Force24 is a world-class, cloud based marketing automation solution for B2B and B2C brands.

2. Halston Marketing | Leeds, Yorkshire

Halston Marketing is an experienced B2B Agency based in Leeds. No matter what your industry, Halston Marketing believes you have a story to tell.

3. Milklab | Sheffield, Yorkshire

A team of storytellers and technologists creating new ways to connect brands and audiences.

4. Ponderosa | Leeds, Yorkshire

Whether it’s reinvigorating a brand through NPD or changing consumer perception and consideration, everything we do is about creating difference.

5. Team Cooper | Sheffield, Yorkshire

The BAFTA-nominated team works with agencies, brands, broadcasters and charities to create positive brand experiences, engage audiences and tell stories through games.

6. CDS | Leeds, Yorkshire

In a digitally transforming world, CDS is changing the way government talks to citizens, employer to employees, authorities to their communities and businesses to their customers.

7. Ash.TV | Hull, Yorkshire

The only micro-targeting, true tracking mobile video advertising platform.

8. MadeByPi | Leeds, Yorkshire

MadeByPi is an award winning digital UX agency with a 20 year track record of delivering new projects and streamlining existing ones.

How the North became the Digital Media Powerhouse of Britain

The below blog was written by Jack Peat, the Head of Digital for 72point. Jack Peat will also be leading Prolific North Live’s Digital Keynote Theatre. 

When I took my first job in media ten years ago working out of the Television Centre in White City the option for media graduates such as myself was simple; it was either London or London if you wanted to get a head start in the industry.

Home to the majority of the UK’s largest broadcasters, its entire fleet of national news publications and a vast swathe of big business headquarters the Big Smoke was, and still remains to a degree, a veritable mashup of media and comms activity.

In fact, so concentrated was the media landscape that the government was forced to intervene in 2003 with the Communications Act, which required a proportion of programmes by the UK’s main broadcasters be made outside the M25. Although it arguably had limited impact on independent media, the wheels of change had undoubtedly been set in motion.

“Fast forward to today and the news on the media front is that Salford outranked both London and Manchester to become the UK’s top city for starting a new business in 2017.”

Fast forward to today and the news on the media front is that Salford outranked both London and Manchester to become the UK’s top city for starting a new business in 2017. Thousands of start-ups now rub shoulders with the likes of the BBC and Channel 4, who headquarter in the city, and global brands such as Kellogs, who have also announced they will be moving to MediaCity UK.

In 2017 Sunderland laid claim to the newest tech businesses in the UK, with the turnover of digital tech businesses in the city growing by 101 percent between 2011 and 2015. The year before nearly 70 percent of total UK digital tech investment was in regional clusters beyond London, with Edinburgh (£159 million), Manchester (£78 million) and Sheffield (£61 million) among the notable regions.

Although the shift can be attributed to a number of factors, early signs that London has been caught napping while the digital revolution took hold north of the M25 are certainly there. According to one recruitment consultant, there has been a significant increase in the demand for experienced digital professionals throughout the north, with Leeds a particular hotbed for such talent. In what is being dubbed a “digital migration” in the industry, many media organisations that historically might have housed their digital functions in London have migrated instead to the North of the country.

To find out why, we’ve gone to the regions to see how the north became the digital media powerhouse of Britain.

Salford, Manchester and the North West

MediaCity in Salford is a hub that needs little introduction to those in the industry, but its impact on the wider region and the rate of growth should not be understated. In 2016 a £1 billion plan to double the size of MediaCityUK was given the green light as Salford’s incredible growth continues, and the results have been remarkable. According to a study by DueDil, if Salford maintains its startup growth rate the city could be on course to produce 5,286 new businesses this year alone, a huge increase of 2,436 from the previous year.

The news was welcomed by Stephen Wild, managing director of MediaCityUK, who points to the presence of dock10, BBC and ITV in the area as a key reason why many companies of the same ilk have been attracted here. A number of wonderfully-named business clusters such as The Landing and The Greenhouse are acting as incubators for firms innovating in TV and media. As a result, media firms in the North West have veered towards modern media such as broadcast, animation, and content geared towards social media and web functions such as SEO.

Leeds, Sheffield and Yorkshire

Forget the UK, Leeds has the potential to become ‘digital capital of Europe’, according to Stuart Clarke, who headed up the Leeds Digital Festival in June 2016. Thanks in part to the rising costs of running a business in London an increasing amount of start-ups are heading to Yorkshire to capitalise on its burgeoning digital sector.

Leeds is considered a popular centre for creative digital agencies and now boasts some of the UK’s fastest growing agencies, as well as big names including Sky, Callcredit and NHS Digital.

The Leeds University backed SPARK programme supports student entrepreneurs, while Futurelabs, Duke Studios, Leeds Beckett Digital Hub and ODI Leeds provide space and networking opportunities. A £3.7 million grant from Leeds City Council will be divided between innovative tech projects, and Creative England backed Gameslab Leeds will continue to support games studios in the area.

Outside Leeds, Sheffield is quick becoming a growing media hub, with noticeable firms such as Jaywing calling the South Yorkshire city home. Digital employment in Sheffield and South Yorkshire stands at over 21,000 and digital firms in the region boast one of the highest growth rates of any cluster in the UK, with turnover increasing at 47 percent.

Birmingham and the Midlands

Of Birmingham’s many attributes, the one that stands out for media firms operating in the digital space is the youthfulness and diversity of its workforce. Under 25s make up 40 percent of the population, making it among the youngest cities in Europe. And what’s more, its digital scene is thriving.

There are already an estimated 50,000 creative workers in the city area, and more than 5,800 companies (from larger agencies to small one-man bands). Little wonder, therefore, that Birmingham successfully lobbied to gain more investment from the BBC in the same vein as Salford by pitching itself as “young, diverse and digital”.

Digital clusters such as the Innovation Birmingham Campus, The Custard Factory, Fazeley Studios, Entrepreneurs for the Future (e4f) and Oxygen Accelerator are binding new start-ups together, while the widespread of talent is what’s attracting big firms such as the BBC and ASOS to the region.

Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East

The North East is in the process of handing the keys to the region over to Millennials. At least that’s the verdict from the IPPR “State of the North” report, which pointed to the opportunities afforded by the creative and tech sectors that will necessitate more digital skills. Sunderland now has the highest rate of digital tech business startups in the country, while Newcastle and Middlesbrough both have higher birth rates than the national average – with a hotbed of IT and digital talent and creativity there to welcome firms who take a punt on the country’s chilly North East.

“The North East is in the process of handing the keys to the region over to Millennials.”

Business support networks such as Dynamo, Digital Union and the North East Digital Catapult, have an extensive event schedule and meet on a regular basis to ensure the North East remains a digital hotbed for digital innovation, but all eyes will be on the Crystal Palace-esque Great Exhibition of the North in 2018, which will focus on the current innovative boom. Unlike its historic predecessor, the exhibition will focus on how heavy industries are being replaced by the digital sector, with Middlesborough being dubbed as a “hotbed for digital tech innovation” and Sunderland and Newcastle building on the surplus talent in the region to become dynamic centres for growth.

72Point creates, distributes, and lands proactive stories in publications including The Mirror, The Telegraph as well as digital platforms such as Mail Online and LADbible. They will be exhibiting at this year’s Prolific North Live and have recently launched a new website.

All Marketing Teams From Outside the North Exhibiting This Year

marketing companies outside of the north

Manchester’s Prolific North Live isn’t reserved for companies in the North of England. For the 2018 event Marketing teams across the UK are starting to take note.

Prolific North Live will be back for two days on February 28th and March 1st. Over 130 exhibitors will be looking to leverage the North’s huge marketing spend.

This year we have companies from Wellingborough, Plymouth, Dereham, Maidenhead and more attending. Below we take a look at some of the Advertising & Marketing companies travelling north. 

1. Business Marketing Club | Leicester

The Business Marketing Club is an organisation ran by B2B marketers for B2B marketers.

2. Fluid ads | London

Dynamic data-driven creative platform automating beautiful ads built to work everywhere and current winners of the Unilever’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Award.

3. Fluid Branding | Cornwall

Fluid Branding is more than just merchandise. They deliver creative and innovative merchandise alongside exceptional customer service.

4. IAB London | London

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing the UK’s leading advertisers, agencies, data/ad-tech providers and media owners.

5. IPA | London

The IPA, incorporated by Royal Charter, is the world-leading, 100-year-old institute for the advertising profession, with unrivaled heritage and expertise in best practice, CPD and thought leadership.

6. Lead Forensics | London

Lead Forensics can identify your anonymous website visitors that don’t enquire, turning them into actionable leads – in real time.

7. Numo Group | Plymouth

Now is your time to advertise on TV. Numo offers a smarter TV advertising approach that targets the right households and seamlessly integrates your advert into your ideal consumers’ viewing.

8. Pink Lizard Promotions | Dereham

Pink Lizard is a customised promotional products and print specialist.

9. 72 Point | London

72Point creates, distributes and lands PR and branded news stories in mass media publications including Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Telegraph and Metro.

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10. Type A Media | London

Type A Media are a team of SEO consultants based in London.

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11 Companies From London Confirmed for Prolific North Live

Prolific North Live isn’t reserved solely for companies based in the North. With over 120 exhibitors, the two-day expo is open to brands from across the UK.

The event will host leading exponents of all things digital. Businesses from the Midlands, Scotland and more will use the event to tap into the North’s huge marketing spend.

This year is seeing a significant interest from London. Below we introduce some of the London-based companies coming to Manchester in February.

1. Bing | Computer Software

Bing Ads is Microsoft’s search advertising platform that enables the buying and selling of digital advertising across all aspects of their network including their search engine, Bing.

2. Blippar | Computer Software

Leading Augmented Reality and Computer Vision company. The Blippar app – its showcase app – is the world’s first augmented reality browser using AR, AI & CV.

3. Channel 4 | Broadcast Media

About to enter its 35th year, the British public-service television broadcaster continues to be the home of innovative and boundary-challenging programming.

4. CTBF | Charity

The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) supports those working across a range of jobs and professions in the Film and Television industries.

5. Fluid ads | Marketing and Advertising

Fluid Ads is the current winner of the Unilever and Adtech ‘Next Big Thing’ Awards and helps build beautifully designed mobile friendly ads in a matter of minutes.

6. IAB | Marketing and Advertising

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing the UK’s leading advertisers, agencies, data/ad-tech providers and media owners.

7. IPA | Marketing and Advertising

The IPA, incorporated by Royal Charter, is the world-leading, 100-year-old institute for the advertising profession, with unrivaled heritage and expertise in best practice, CPD and thought leadership.

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8. Lead Forensics | Marketing and Advertising

Lead Forensics can identify your anonymous website visitors that don’t enquire, turning them into actionable leads – in real time.

9. Marke Creative Merchandise | Marketing and Advertising

Whether you need a few personalised gifts for clients, 10,000 custom T-Shirts for your company’s next big event or an entire brand solution program tailored to your business, Marke Creative Merchandise helps you meet all of your marketing and advertising needs.

10. 72 Point | Marketing and Advertising

72Point creates, distributes and lands PR and branded news stories in mass media publications including Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Telegraph and Metro.

11. Taboola | Computer Software

Taboola helps companies drive quality traffic from top publishers. Enabling them to get conversions, and grow revenue.

Global Offices, #StartAConversation and Breaking the Mexican Market

Next year’s Prolific North Live is bringing brands from across the UK together for two days of original talks, product demos and networking in Manchester.

From Computer Services to Media Production, Advertising to Publishing, the event covers all industries and has quickly become an integral part of a company’s calendar.

Below we summarise this week’s biggest developments from some of next year’s exhibitors.

Wavemaker | Manchester, Marketing & Advertising

Wavemaker is a truly global company that combines data, creativity and platforms to help brands achieve their goals. This week the company reached another milestone by opening their new offices in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam.

Wavemaker will have offices in 90 countries with over 8,500 employees.

Taboola | London, Computer Software

Whether it is generating high value leads or building awareness, Taboola has helped huge brands like Nissan, Pandora and Expedia leverage their advanced discovery platform to great effect.

Mexico’s Biggest Daily Publication, El Universal, became the latest organisation to adopt Taboola Feed and has already seen an increase in page views of 45 percent.

72 Point | London, Marketing & Advertising

Over 9 million people in the UK report they are constantly lonely, or experience loneliness often. The issue prompted a cross-party initiative called the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission with over 15 major charities taking part.

This week 72 Point announced that for Christmas they will launch their #StartAConversation campaign, encouraging people “to talk about issues of loneliness, and more importantly – talk to each other.”

Standby Productions | Manchester, Media Production

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of The Co-operative Bank’s customer-focussed Ethical Policy and the company has chosen a Manchester team to deliver a campaign to celebrate.

Working alongside My Clever Agency, Standby Productions has created a diverse campaign that spans TV, Online and Social. The content will be centred on why customers continue to choose The Co-operative Bank ahead of any other company.