Vision One Insight and Research is one of this year’s event sponsors at Prolific North Live, and has announced it will be holding a free to enter prize draw when you play The Wheel of Discovery at the event.

With a fantastic range seminars, exhibitors and talks scheduled over the two days this year’s Prolific North Live is guaranteed to be even better. It will feature leading exponents of digital innovation, cutting edge marketing, branding and experiential agencies and of course insight and Research.

Tony Lewis, Managing Director said “We are delighted to announce that we will be running a free to enter prize draw for anyone who visits our stand and plays the Wheel of Discovery at the event. Every player will win a prize and will be in with a chance to win tickets for a tasting meal at James Martin Manchester along with matching wines.”

Duncan Swan, Director at Vision One will also be doing a talk on Wednesday 15th February at 13:30 – 13:50 in the Agency and Suppliers Theatre. – Duncan has over 25 years of working in the industry and specialises in communications research, concept testing and brand tracking. Since joining Vision One he has helped developed products, such as, Adprobe and PackProbe which have helped his clients develop their brands with authentic and actionable consumer insights.

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5 Reasons to Exhibit at Expos

Looking at exposure for your company and generating new business?
Here are a few of the benefits that show it is the perfect plan.

Develop and strengthen your brand.
At an expo, everyone is on an even playing field. Even small businesses have the same opportunities as their larger competitors. This makes them a brilliant chance to give your brand a boost. It is the best way to position your brand as a leader in its industry.

Sourcing business leads.
Exhibiting at an expo is a fantastic opportunity to expand your company’s customer base. The delegates who attend are usually primed and motivated to buy and are warmer leads than those picked out of a business directory. It is possible to reach more prospects in a two day expo than weeks spent going through new data lists and online directories.

Strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Despite the majority of business being conducted over email or via the phone, face-to-face marketing is still considered the best way to do business. Meeting already existing customers is vital when building confidence and trust which will help you maintain a strong working relationship.

Keep up to date with new developments in your industry.
A great way to stay ahead of the competition is to be in the centre of the action. Expos are a  perfect place for businesses to show off their latest developments and projects. It is also a great opportunity to find other businesses that can help yours through collaboration and referrals.

Learn what your competitors are doing right/wrong.
Surrounded by so many different competitors, you are able to witness what they are doing right and also what they are doing wrong. Pinch ideas from stands that are attracting the most attendees and research prices and special offers your competitors are offering and any unique services they promote. It won’t take long for you to piece together some sales strategies and marketing tactics that will help you improve your sales and marketing.

Overall, expos are brilliant opportunities to collect lucrative leads, build working relationships, make sales and much more.
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Bryan Adams – Emotion and story-telling in marketing

I’m really looking forward to speaking at Prolific North Live soon, where I’ll be discussing the ins and outs of using stories to connect with an audience. So leading up to this, I thought I’d shed some light on an exciting project I’ve been working on, which has contributed a significant amount of value to my knowledge surrounding emotion and story-telling in marketing. It’s definitely content worth sharing!

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to a variety of story-telling professionals, firing away my most challenging questions and hearing their tips and tricks for my new marketing podcast series Getting Goosebumps.

Story-telling is at the heart of Ph.Creative’s philosophy, and was also the foundation of our best-selling book. A lot of emphasis at Ph. is placed on the idea that as humans, we feel first and we think second, so with this in mind, I wanted to take it a step further and gain some fresh insight from the people who really know their stuff.

So here’s just a glimpse into the content and inspiration I took away with me…

Words of wisdom from Marketing Legend, Seth Godin

Speaking to Seth Godin gave me some quotes I know I’ll refer back to time and time again. Unsurprisingly, Seth had endless amounts of knowledge to share and some memorable and motivating points to make.

Seth revealed who he thinks the best story-tellers are…and also offered some insight into why you shouldn’t do anything as a marketer that you wouldn’t want you parents to know!

Insight from the ‘Wizard of Moz’, Rand Fishkin 

As founder of Moz and co-founder of Inbound, Rand Fishkin is the go-to man for invaluable marketing advice…however just like the rest of us, he had to start somewhere!

Rand rewinded to the early 2000s and took us through the process of shifting methods of communication, discussed the bold move he made with blogging and also tackled the bigger marketing issues, including authenticity online and the most challenging form of story-telling.

Content expertise from CopyBlogger, Brian Clark  

In a really interesting conversation with Brian Clark, I discovered why he thinks “Empathy is the big daddy” in marketing and gained an array of advice on approaching content. Plus, he shared how to successfully avoid the common mistakes made with content and emotion.

After all, if you can’t take advice from someone who was doing content marketing before the term was even coined, who can you take it from?!

Story-telling advice from Netflix Content Writer, Jill Baer

Some of the best stories we hear from an early age, undeniably come from our favourite films and TV shows. There are few story-tellers better than the writers who keep us waiting for more episodes or re-watching over and over again!

Chatting to Jill Baer, who currently writes content at Netflix AND has impressive screenwriting experience, really boosted my ability to craft stories from scratch.

So, get ready to hear a range of inspiration woven into my talk at Prolific North Live this year! For the full in-depth collection of free podcasts, simply plug your headphones and enjoy. There will also be monthly blogs to help highlight all the main points for you over at Ph.Creative’s blog.

Five minutes with Dave Chaffey: what drives digital strategy?

We spoke to Dr Dave Chaffey, CEO of digital strategy advice publisher,, and one of our speakers at Prolific North Live, to find out why he’s speaking at the event and why he’s routing for the North’s digital industry.

You might have seen our recent article on the growth of Leeds-based Smart Insights – if not, you can see it here. We’re delighted to have Dave Chaffey as one of the first confirmed to join our speaker line-up for Prolific North Live next year. As a respected figure in the marketing community, blogger and author, we can’t think of a better speaker to start what’s already beginning to shape into a great line up.

Those of you who don’t know about Smart Insight’s business should take five minutes to read the above article but, put simply, it provides a service which helps business who don’t know where to start with digital marketing to create a strategy and then optimise their practices. It’s almost a DIY service which offers users access to a range of templates and was designed for marketers who may be tackling their digital marketing in a haphazard way, since they don’t know how to plan, and good advice on the matter is limited.

Recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing as one of “50 marketing gurus worldwide who have shaped the future of marketing”, Dave was working in the field way before it was even called digital marketing. He has a teaching residency at Manchester Met University on its digital marketing Masters-level degree – one of the most prestigious in the UK.

Dave says the North’s digital industry is so exciting because “it is attracting business from all over the UK and has lots of great B2B agencies in particular, with a variety of specialist skills.” He specifically mentions the North’s West’s conversion rate optimisation specialists, who he believes are the leaders in the UK.

When asked why he thinks events like Prolific North Live are so important for the industry, he says “as digital is changing so quickly, the best way to learn is by examples and sharing knowledge from the latest campaigns and tests.” He believes sharing case studies, and insights on upcoming industry trends is how the digital industry evolves. And while Prolific North Live is still a few months away, Dave tells us this is exactly what he’ll be sharing during in his speaker slot at the event, along with where businesses should be focusing their digital marketing budgets throughout 2016.

So there’s our first speaker out of the bag – keep an eye out here over the next few weeks for further speaker announcements.


Twitter: @DaveChaffey or @SmartInsights