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Orbis has information on around 300 million companies across the globe. It’s the resource for company data. And we make it simple to compare companies internationally. Use Orbis to find, analyze and compare companies for better decision making and increased efficiency.

We go further than just providing information, we carefully capture a wide variety of data, then we treat, append and standardize it to make it richer, more powerful and easier to interrogate. In fact, we capture and treat data from more than 160 separate providers, and hundreds of our own sources, to create Orbis.

We can help you:

  • Do more strategic searching, analysis and planning
  • Receive sales triggers via sophisticated alerts
  • Create business plans – using facts

We can plug into any CRM including Salesforce, Dynamics and Oracle Fusion, so you can seamlessly enrich and refresh your records and find the companies most likely to buy from you.

We cover the globe so can help you with global initiatives, help you look into new markets (including developing economies), or develop existing business in markets you know.

For more information and to register for your free trial, visit bvdinfo.com.

What Do They Offer?

Company information for business development and strategy