Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund

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The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF) supports those working across a range of jobs and professions in the Film and Television industries. We help talented and driven individuals throughout their careers: in sales, marketing, distribution production; from those early on in the career to those who are facing retirement or have retired.

The charity helps people who are experiencing financial difficulties because of unemployment, debt or family commitments, or who need support because of illness or bereavement. Support may also be provided for travel and overnight costs when people find it difficult to get to meetings, courses or festivals which could benefits their careers.

Recently, we celebrated ten years of investing in talent. The John Brabourne Awards talent development scheme has provided over £500,000 support to more than 100 talented and driven awardees who have faced obstacles in progressing their careers.

The CTBF is only too aware of the pressures involved in working in an industry with long hours, which employs many people on a freelance basis and often requires people to work away from home. Employment issues at work, depression anxiety and stress, sadly seem to be increasingly a part of our industry’s working environment. We are responding to these changes by evolving to meet the needs of those it supports at each and every stage of their lives. Over the coming months we will be developing our services to make them more relevant and accessible to a greater number of people.