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Complete Communication Solutions Ltd (“CCS”) are a leading communications business which specialises in providing Digital contact solutions.

We work within a varied array of market sectors, including financial services, contact centres, leasing, recruitment and public sector.

CCS is ISO 27001 meaning you can be assured of the highest level of data security.

Whether you wish to send basic SMS to your users by means of notification alerts or marketing, or you wish to explore our industry leading digital solutions (listed below), CCS are on hand to ensure you have a meaningful, knowledgeable and seamless experience.

Services include;

Basis SMS Text Messaging

Tier 1 mobile network SMS … no grey market routes used! We provide a web based portal offering single, bulk and campaign SMS management. Outbound and Inbound SMS services available all within one portal.

SMS Digital Appointments

Send an appointment to a mobile phone, allow your appointment information to be stored in any mobile handset (Smart phone calendar).

Secure Digital Letter

Send a letter via SMS … not by MMS. This is an easy to use, fully customisable digital solution. Speed and efficiency, fully trackable with read receipt. Secure verification before opening, huge cost saving against traditional methods

Secure Email Letter

Send communications via email in a secure manner.

SMS to Web journeys

Create your own bespoke web journey. Can be initiated via different SMS text message methods i.e. you or end user. Capture information quickly and cost effectively. Signature capture available.