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Force24 is a world-class, cloud-based, GDPR-ready  marketing automation solution trusted by leading brands such as WorldPay, Aviva & Npower.

In fact, thanks to 8 million data triggers & the expertise of Force24’s in-house marketing pros, the platform helps generate £50m revenue for enterprise and SME clients each month!

How does it work?

Marketing automation is powerful technology which allows brands to have thousands of personalised conversations with customers and prospects, at once. Organisations don’t have to simply rely on batch and blast emails that convey the same generic message and don’t work!

Instead, marketers and business owners can select the right message, to send to the right individual, via the right channel, at the right time, in only a matter of clicks. Then, depending on that recipient’s response – or lack of it – intuitive pre-determined journeys will handle the comms from there.

The result is the subtle nurturing of every lead, at the pace that suits them. In simple terms, opportunities continue to flow through the sales funnel, making marketing a value-adding department that continually supports bottom-line revenue targets.

Some brands even use marketing automation to retain and build loyalty among existing customers, which can become increasingly difficult with growth. Again, the technology can have meaningful, humanised conversations with thousands of customers at once to monitor their satisfaction, retarget their purchasing requirements and build those highly-sought feelings of advocacy.

Whether a brand’s penchant is email marketing, SMS, direct mail, or simply savvier use of CRM, marketing automation can harness the true power of multi-channel communications.

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