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Established in 1991, Generator applies innovative business strategies to aid sector growth by outlining a pathway that can take you and your business from Garage to Global. This includes our Ladders service for young entrepreneurs, Digital Bootcamp for graduates and career changers looking to equip themselves in careers in the digital sector, Masterclasses aimed at business leaders and team members leading to both professional development and business expansion, Business Coaching, and a ground-breaking Scale Up service for digital businesses looking to achieve significant growth

Digital Union seeks to build, represent, and lead the North East digital cluster and has become the largest collective of creative digital businesses in the region enabling collaboration, business support, mentoring, business development opportunities, marketing assistance, and more. The aim is to ensure that national and international business leaders are engaged with the North East sector and champion and facilitate a collaborative approach to working in the North East. It is Digital Union and it’s members that inform the services that Generator offer and ensure they are right for the sectors we serve.

Our Tipping Point offering discovers, nurtures and promotes the best new music talent from across the UK. The programme provides emerging artists wanting to build their credibility and further understand the complexities of the industry while exposing them to the music industry at all levels. We also have various programmes to help bring music to people who wouldn’t ordinarily have access. In addition, every year we run Evolution Emerging festival to showcase strong emerging talent from out home region – the North East and further connect artists to industry heavyweights.