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Hi, we’re Groundswell Innovation, pleased to meet you.  New products are our focus – cunning plans a speciality.

We help people get the right ideas to market, faster and fitter for purpose.    

Your marketing team are there to focus on existing products and services.  Breaking out in to new territory means diverting energy away from core activity. So as you take the step to expand, we bring that extra spark – informed entrepreneurial energy to boost step-change growth while your team continue to fuel the existing fire.         

We set up as a limited company in 2008. Since then we have grown every year, but deliberately kept our set of clients small.

Our bedrock of experience is in product development for high-street banks and payment brands, all household names – a market with very low consumer engagement and very high levels of product regulation.  And yet we’ve had an impact.

Where some people see market obstacles, we see springboards for growth – call by and set us our next challenge.