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Hopewiser started in 1982 and became the first company to identify the power of Postcode Lookup. Today we remain a financially stable, privately owned company with the Head Office in Altrincham UK, and an office in Melbourne, Australia.

We design and supply real time address and postcode lookup so you can capture accurate, address data. Using address validation software you will save look up time by producing a full address in moments, reducing keystrokes by up to 80%. Capturing accurate data means no more missed deliveries, improved return on investment for your marketing and helps you stay compliant with GDPR.

An estimated 13% of shoppers abandon their carts because the checkout process takes too long to complete. Streamlining your cart with address lookup software can reduce cart abandonment meaning you will make more sales.

With Hopewiser’s data cleansing solutions you will improve your files by eliminating duplicates, checking for deceased and mover records and flagging against mailing and telephone preference services. This means you can avoid damaging your reputation and upsetting customers with incorrectly addressed mail. It will also increase return of investment in your marketing communications as accurate data ensures maximum discounts with the Royal Mail Bulk mailing service. Once cleansed, you can choose to sort your data for bulk mailing using Hopewiser’s Mail Sortation Software.

Our software is fast, robust and easy to use, suitable for both small businesses and larger enterprises. You can opt for a plug and go web service or enquire about a solution to fit specific business requirements. For more information www.hopewiser.com, 0161 924 2800, enquiries@hopewiser.com

What Do They Offer?

  • Address and Postcode Lookup – used on websites and in CRM systems to accurately capture and validate address data
  • Data Cleansing & Management – reduce wastage on your marketing spend with no more goneaways, duplicates and deceased records
  • Bulk Mailing solutions – mail sortation software that accurately sorts your bulk mailings for maximum postal discounts
  • Payment Validation – reduces fraud or poor customer service by checking at the point of entry a sort code and bank account number