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Set up in 2000, Metrostress has been providing on site massage and related individual and group stress management programs across the Northwest.

In many cases we visit the workplace on a regular basis to help reduce stress levels, increase employee engagement and productivity.

Although the on-site massage is the cornerstone of our offering we have recently expanded into Reiki, Reflexology and deep tissue sports massage.

Furthermore we now offer group activities such as Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. These are excellent in improving team bonding.

We recognise that all companies are different which is why we suggest a free no obligation trial where we go through the alternatives and provide 2/3 trial on site treatments to help make the decision.

Finally we provide a 2 stage feedback giving the company a Wellness Certificate as evidence of the commitment to staff welfare (ideal to file with your stress management policy AND a collation of individual responses to the intervention.

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