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Miranex specialise in complex software cloud platforms so you can work remotely, from any location and on any device. We increase productivity, improve work-life balance, deliver better compute power, when you need it, where you need it.

With applications from 3D Design to BIM to rendering, we can provide public and private cloud services to deliver high quality and speed virtual desktops to some or all of your workforce using our trusted partnerships including Microsoft, NVIDIA and CITRIX.

Using remote desktops enables the user to work from the very same Windows (or Linux) desktop environment from any Internet-enabled device (laptop, tablet, mobile) enabling greater freedom to work anywhere, and increased security of data.

Miranex save time and money for Architects, Engineering and Construction companies by hosting CAD and BIM (Building Information Modelling) Remote Desktops in the Cloud. This innovative service delivers high performance compute to Engineers in remote locations over mobile 4G. This improves communication to site, reduces errors and saving costs.

We also design bespoke Deep Learning and High Performance Compute Cloud solutions used in Academia, Formula One and other industries, using the latest leading edge technologies. We host these solutions in the Miranex secure data centre enabling projects to grow from concept to a scalable platform. Please ask if you would like more information:

Email: contact@miranex.com Tel: 08445022250