Mosquito Logo

We are an award winning boutique agency with proven experience and capability to develop enterprise grade solutions.

Our work spans across digital brand development, digital marketing and design and build for B2C, brands, charities, B2B, pharma, events and education.

We have twenty years brand building heritage to add to the mix, from streamlined web only builds to full 360 transmedia projects. We design and build mobile apps to bespoke web development, we communicate brands using the written word to film & video and drive reach and conversion using SEO/SEM, Social and influencer marketing services to name but a few…

Mosquito HQ is based in the North West UK. The digital agency have offices in Manchester city centre and Knutsford, Cheshire.

We offer our services nationwide UK, including central London and internationally; from Hong Kong to New York.

What Do They Offer?

Creativity and strategic planning is what makes a brand stand-out in a busy market.

We offer a full-service, holistic approach to digital brand communications, including: Design & Build (web, app, bespoke), Brand Communication (content from the humble written word to high-end film & video services) and the full suite of Digital Marketing (social, influencer, paid media, CRM, SEO)…