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Multi Feeds provide an easy to use feed solution enabling clients to create highly optimised product feeds. With just a few clicks the intelligent platform will create your product data into the required feed specification for use on over 1000 marketing channels. The better your data feed quality, the further your products visibility will be, so take control of your data feeds and drive more customers to your business. With No tech background required, Multi Feeds puts the power back in the hands of our customers. 
Multi Feeds are a product feed optimisation solution giving clients full control of their data feeds . Many businesses now distribute their offers across multiple marketing channels whilst not reaching their full potential due to low quality data they send out. This can be for a number of reasons, such as web resources, time, understanding of datafeeds and more.
Multi Feeds offer a simple to use platform enabling businesses to quickly and easily create highly optimised data feeds with no need for any tech or web expertise. Highly optimised data feeds will result in your offers gaining better exposure, more visibility and in turn more qualified traffic and sales through to your website. 
With over 1000 different marketing channels ready to use, and international campaigns available, Multi Feeds give you the tools to improve your offers visibility and customer reach.