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Honeycomb Analytics is a new breed of agency for a new age of information. Honeycomb was launched last year by Manchester-based research agency, Mustard (www.mustard-research.com ), to provide a bridge between the worlds of data science and customer insight.

Rather than seeing these as two separate disciplines we see them as co-existing forms of data analysis that can often work harder by bringing them together.

This for us, was based on the following:

  • The data economy continues to grow exponentially
  • This provides us with lots of WHATs – but not so many customer WHYs
  • There was an opportunity to create an environment where ‘big data’ and market research can co-exist
  • This model required a new breed of consultancy – one familiar with both data science and market research, but more importantly one that can bring them together to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Our work is wide-ranging: from customer understanding to competitive benchmarking, from market landscaping to communications targeting. We see our work as strategic, and one that helps our clients to look forward, rather than look back.