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Needl Analytics is a new ‘Virtual Analyst’ tool and service for clients and agencies who use Google Analytics.  

Needl automates the process of finding insights hidden within your Google Analytics data within minutes, saving you time so that you can work on the conclusions rather than sifting through endless Google analytics reports.

Co-owned by one of the UK’s leading FinTech companies, Needl is the perfect tool and web analytics support service for clients and agencies who want to know more about their website visitors, quickly and at an affordable cost. 

How does Needl work?

  • A customisable analytics app that extracts Google Analytics data in a clever way, drops it in BigQuery for our crunch engine to analyse, then displays it in a easy to use app.
  • We finds segments based upon your visitors attributes and give you important insights that are directly actionable.
  • Needl sorts a prioritised list of best/worst performing segments (insights) and attributes a ‘potential’ business uplift calculation.
  • Our process breaks your data down to session level from Google Analytics aggregated reports and ensures your data is always based on real visits and never sampled by Google Analytics.

Needl Analytics web analytics service provides you not only with a unique web analytics tool, but also with a team to help you make sense of this data and ensure we identify the most valuable insights for you to work on.

Interested to see a live demo of Needl in action? Come and see us on our stand or schedule a meeting time with Andrew Dempsey, Co Founder.