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We’re all about collaboration. Together we can create films that have a real, powerful, stop-you-in-your-tracks impact; drawing an emotional response from your audience like no other medium can.

This is why we love making films. A truly great film should move people, and we want every production of ours to do exactly that. This is what separates us from our peers. We know our best work is still ahead of us, and that desire to go beyond, to create something even more powerful and creative than before, drives us onwards.

We produce TV commercials for broadcast and for high-end online advertising. Together we’ll forge a powerful working relationship, one that results in an engaging and effective end-product that pushes the creative envelope.

Corporate videos can be exciting and creative too, so long as the process is open, honest and collaborative. That’s why our unique 20-step process is perfect, especially if you’re new to video. Corporate needn’t mean ‘conventional.’

Bend the knee to ‘King Content’ with our specially-designed social package. Giving you a range of high-quality video content every month. A 12-month contract starts from just £600 per month. Our filmmaker will work with you 2 days a month to deliver bespoke content quickly and efficiently. It’s the perfect way to grow your online presence.

Film, watch, enjoy, repeat: that’s what we do here at Standby.

What do we offer?

  • TV Commercial Production
  • Corporate Video Production
  • Social Media Video Content