Aidan Kearney

Aidan is a performance psychology consultant, mentor and coach. He is the founder and Director of Malleable Mind Ltd, a company dedicated to assisting people to reach their full potential through harnessing mental skills and psychological flexibility. Prior to forming Malleable Mind Ltd he worked in the field of elite performance and applied business psychology with both Chimp Management and Carter Corson and is one of only a handful of people, worldwide, trained personally by Professor Steve Peters in the innovative Chimp model of performance psychology.

He applies his wealth of experience and understanding of neuroscience, behaviour and psychology with clients from multi-nationals to SMEs and individuals; working with CEO and boardroom level through to front-line operations, and clients including retail giants and athletes, helping them achieve their goals. With a background in policing and police oversight, Aidan has worked with Fire Rescue and NHS teams across the country and numerous senior teams in a variety of police forces and the Assistant Chief Constable development programme at the College of Policing, delivering bespoke applied psychology training,

Prior to working full time in the field of psychology, Aidan spent 14 years in a variety of challenging roles in the public sector, including front line policing, police oversight with the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland and Civil Service.

With a reputation for high quality, high impact performance psychology, Aidan’s unique blend of occupational experience and academic training has equipped him with an array of skills which supports his desire to make psychology accessible to all, and to assist individuals, teams and organisations to manage stress and change, co-operate and communicate effectively, enhance leadership skills and to achieve successful outcomes