Alice ter Haar

Alice’s career spans ten-years in high-growth businesses and most recently, three years at Europe’s fastest growing company, Deliveroo. As one of the founding members of the marketing team, Alice is proud of her contribution to the start-up success story of a generation.

Alongside her day job, Alice side-hustles as a personal development geek. After graduating from The Marketing Academy Scholarship, she found her purpose; “to connect with others to get to a better place.” This manifests in her mission to reach as many people as possible to show them the transformational power of personal development for themselves. Alice does this through public speaking, training, writing and vlogging. It’s extremely important to Alice that she consistently lives by her values; explore, connect, integrity and fun.

Prior to Deliveroo, Alice enjoyed a varied career with stints in a wide variety of businesses, including FTSE 100 Whitbread and ‘agency-side’ at The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s 2014 Agency of the year, Cherry London. She’s gone full circle having begun her career starting up the business of ‘photographer to the stars’, Terry O’Neill.