Paul Stevens

Paul has 20+ years’ design experience under his belt. His passion is creating great experiences and building awesome teams.

At the start of January 2018 Paul joined CarFinance247 as Head of User Experience and Design. CarFinance 247, have had huge success and grown at a massive rate over the last four years from 40 to 500 people, offering great car finance products to customers in the UK.

For 4 years prior to CarFinance 247 Paul was Experience Design Lead at Focusing on products used by the automotive industry (think huge national car dealerships down to your local ‘bloke’ in his garage) to manage all their stock and understand the data driven products designed at Auto Trader.

Previous to Auto Trader Paul was the second design hire at where he spent 8 years immersing himself in creating easy, intuitive experiences for the people of Britain to save money on things like car insurance and loans.