The Insights Theatre, sponsored by enjoy!, featured some of the North’s leading marketing businesses and professionals.
Take a look at the 2019 programme below with details on each speaker and a synopsis of their talk.

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Day One

Time Day One Agenda
10:00 – 10:20 Adrian Marks, CEO, enjoy!
“Behavioural Selling Strategies – How People Tick and Click…”

Adrian will be speaking on how people are irrational, emotional and impulsive in 90% of their decisions – yet almost always logically justify every action they take. ‘Why’ people buy and what you need to do to align your marketing and sales activity to fit this behavioural process will be at the core of this impactful, insightful, and story filled presentation.

11:00 – 11:20 Shazia Ginai, Head of Business Development, Neuro-Insight
“How can neuroscience give your brand the edge?”

In an increasingly cluttered world of brands and in the multi-screen, multi-tasking environment, marketers face the challenge of driving effective communication and truly standing out. In this session, we will look at how we can harness the principles of neuroscience to truly give brands an edge. Looking at work done using Neuro-Insight’s unique methodology we will showcase the key drivers of creative effectiveness, how our brains respond to sound, especially in the age of voice technology, and the impact of the context on the brain. A fascinating insight into what’s going on in the brain that consumers can’t necessarily say out loud!

Neuro-Insight uses a brain imaging methodology called Steady State Topography (SST) to track and measure, on a second by second basis, how the brain responds to communication. It is a quantitative approach, so results are quantified and benchmarked. The purpose of measuring brain response (as opposed to simply asking questions) is to identify how people are reacting at a subconscious level and to highlight emotional responses that are often hard for people to articulate through words-based research. Measuring the specialized areas of the brain that are responsible for providing data on information being encoded into long term memory as well as strength and polarity of emotional response, Neuro-Insight can provide truly actionable insights on impact on future decision making and behavior.

11:40 – 12:00 Nick Entwistle, Founder, Bank of Creativity & One Minute Briefs
“Generating Big Interest Rates for brands and causes with the Bank of Creativity”

Founder of the Bank of Creativity and One Minute Briefs, Nick Entwistle, will discuss how to create powerful campaigns to deliver maximum return on investment for brand and causes.

He will discuss how his music video and social media campaign helped the NHS to beat Justin Bieber to Christmas Number 1 and how he made a campaign for Neuroblastoma sufferer Isabella, go viral across the world.

Nick will also share the story of his career so far and how he recently re-launched the Bank of Creativity to harness the power of his 40,000+ followers online and bring his brands, Rapid Response Unit, Agency Quotes, Pitch-In, One Minute Briefs & Love Your NHS all into one place to maximise the potential of every opportunity.

12:20 – 12:40 Rob Weatherhead, Head of Agency, Fast Web Media
“Why are you doing that?”

With 30% of marketing budgets waster, and 39% of marketers stating that ROI from their marketing activity is a key challenge, an effective and focussed digital strategy is for business in 2019.

Fast Web Media Head of Agency Rob Weatherhead will draw on his 15 years of working on digital strategies for business large and small to provide some tips on how to critically assess your digital marketing activity and focus on the areas which will drive maximum impact.

It’s always tempting for businesses to go after the next shiny digital opportunity, or the big idea that promises so much, but delivers so little. Being ruthless about strategy and goals helps avoid these pitfalls.

Providing examples of some of the WTF moments he continues to see from digital campaigns he will deliver some useful hints and tips for how to build a digital strategy that delivers your goals.

14:00 – 14:20 John Mitchison, Director of Policy and Compliance, DMA
“Data Protection 2018 – 2020”

John has extensive in-depth knowledge of the data and marketing industries, with more than 20 years of experience in both. Through his work leading the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), he has contributed to many industry and government working groups and committees on the subject of nuisance telephone calls and marketing. More recently he has worked closely with fundraisers and charities to give advice and support to organisations dealing with the changes affecting their sector, such as the introduction of the Fundraising Preference Service. John is also the media spokesperson for the DMA, giving comment and opinion on a host of industry issues. Prior to joining the DMA, John was a Client Services Manager for ACXIOM, managing large data campaigns for clients. Before working at Acxiom John worked at the Daily Telegraph where he was responsible for generating data for their membership acquisition program and production of direct marketing material.

14:40 – 15:00 Aidan Kearney, Director, Malleable Mind
“Marketing and brand reputation in the digital age – the science of Trust”

In the age of big data, analytics can offer marketing campaigns significant insights into existing, and potential new, customer thinking. At the same time people are becoming increasingly aware that by engaging with the internet and social media, they and their data are becoming products. Recent high profile cases highlight the impact of real or perceived breaches of trust can have on brand reputation.

In light of this we will examine an emergent currency within marketing- Trust. Trust being central to effective marketing and brand.

reputation may sound self-evident and quite simple; however, within this talk we will explore what trust means from a neuroscience perspective; how important the psychology of perception is and what science can tell us about influence and trust, including the behaviours which help to build and maintain trust.

15:20 – 15:40 Rob Jones, Head of Delivery, Qbase
“Beyond a CDP – Customer Data Platforms Explained and the launch of the QDP”

Discover the technologies that have secured over $1 billion in investor funding in the past 12 months that are revolutionising marketing to deliver real-time personalisation, machine learning and AI. It’s also your chance to be part of the launch of the QDP – Beyond a CDP.

Day Two

Time Day Two Agenda
10:20 – 10:40 Adrian Marks, CEO, enjoy!
“Behavioural Selling Strategies – How People Tick and Click…”

Adrian will be speaking on how people are irrational, emotional and impulsive in 90% of their decisions – yet almost always logically justify every action they take. ‘Why’ people buy and what you need to do to align your marketing and sales activity to fit this behavioural process will be at the core of this impactful, insightful, and story filled presentation.

11:00 – 11:20 Anne Milligan, Employability Manager, University of Manchester
“Targeting Talent: how businesses can grow and develop their graduate talent”

The University of Manchester is one of the most targeted universities by recruiters. All year round businesses and organisations in Manchester, across the UK and around the world engage with the university’s Employer Engagement Team to recruit students and graduates. Hear about the different ways businesses can connect with universities and gain an insight into the recruitment and employability of graduates.

11:40 – 12:00 Phil Fraser, Head of Planning and Account Management, Access & Ruth Connor, Director of Strategic Marketing, UCLan
“Gen Z – The deets on how to be on Fleek when targeting these peeps”

There are new kids on the block and they’re different, new language, new values, new ways of consuming communication. We outline what we know and how we went about targeting Generation Z with enormous success.

12:20 – 12:40 Andrew Dempsey, Co-Founder, Needl Analytics
“Extracting insights from Google Analytics using Needl Analytics automated tool. Product demonstration.”

Andrew will demo how Needl’s analytics algorithm driven engine extracts data from Google Analytics and finds valuable segments within the data. This will be a demo using a live client account. There will be a short Q&A. The talk will be of use to clients and agencies who use Google Analytics and are looking to use automation to reduce the time spent searching for insights to make data driven decisions.

“Loose women on mentorship and attitude”

Chair: Elizabeth Clark, CEO, Dream Agility
Panelist 1: Nicky Wake, Managing Director, Don’t Panic & Prolific North
Panelist 2: Sandy Lindsay, Founder & Chair, Tangerine
Panelist 3: Thea Burrows, Managing Director, Maker

This session will include:

  • The difference in attitudes been the older and younger generation of women are the snowflakes alienating themselves from the older generation of women in business with their attitudes.
  • Mentorship: What are you doing to help the next generation of women/young people. How do you fit it in? What do you do to make sure you’re not overwhelmed? What’s it like mentoring men as a senior woman?