Our keynote sessions offer you the chance to learn from the North’s key influencers and experts, featuring the latest industry developments through real-world case studies.

Take a look at the 2019 programme below for day two in the keynote theatre, with details on each speaker and a synopsis of their talk.

Inspiring Thought Leadership Technology & Future Trends

News Generation Innovation


Inspiring Thought Leadership

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 Time Inspiring Thought Leadership – Sponsored by Wavemaker & IAB
10:30 – 10:35 Introduction by Mick Style, CEO, Wavemaker
10:35 – 10:55 Dara Nasr, Managing Director, Twitter UK
10:55 – 11:15 Emma Slater, Managing Director & Isobel Mooney, Business Director, Wavemaker
“Unlocking growth through Wavemaker North’s unique insight into Purchase Journeys”
11:15 – 11:35 Alice ter Haar, Senior Manager, EU Marketing, Deliveroo
“How to grow like a unicorn”

To grow, as a company and as an individual, is something to which we aspire. How to do this effectively is something which we’d all like to know the recipe for. Taking learnings from a ten-year career in high-growth companies, and most recently, three years at Europe’s fastest growing company, Deliveroo, Alice will explore some of the key ingredients she’s seen in building this success. We’ll start with marketing and business strategy – however, crucially, we’ll move on to look at how applying our own unicorn-horn, our “growth-mindset,” to our personal selves can be the most powerful tool in creating the space to thrive.


Technology & Future Trends

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 Time Technology & Future Trends – Sponsored by UKFast
11:50 – 11:55 Arlene Bulfin, Director of People Development, UKFast
Sponsor Introduction
11:55 – 12:15 Tom Cheesewright, Futurist, Book of the Future
“High Frequency Change”

Why do we feel like change happens faster now? Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright explains the sense of acceleration that we all feel, and the implications it has for brands and marketers.

12:15 – 12:35 Andy Smith, Previous Head of Corporate Communications, Santander

It can be the making of, or the killing of, your business. But how do you define a reputation? Why is it different from a brand? What can you do to identify potential reputational pain points and react before they become crises? And, what does the general lack of trust in institutions, media and government mean for your company and its reputation. Here to offer a view on these questions, and more, is Andy Smith, until recently Head of Media Relations at one of the UK largest banks – a sector with reputational issues.

12:35 – 12:55 Paul Stevens, Head of User Experience & Design, CarFinance247
“Increasing conversion with UX research”

Paul will show how conversion was increased on CarFinance 247’s new website by testing quickly and cheaply through-out the design and build process. He’ll show different testing methods used, both qualitative and quantitive and talk about how to easily implement these for yourself and also cover face to face testing, preference testing, A/B testing and 404 tests.


News Generation

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 Time News Generation – Sponsored by 72point
13:05 – 13:10 Introduction by 72Point
Jack Peat, Head of Digital, 72Point
13:10 – 13:30 Fergus Campbell, Head of Communications, Gumtree

Gumtree is the UK’s leading classifieds platform, and while it continues to be the best place to buy, sell or trade in a multitude of sectors – from For Sale and Motors to Jobs and Services – it sometimes faces misunderstanding and misrepresentation from media and consumers alike. This session will show how Gumtree has moved on to the front foot in terms of engaging with its public, and show why each month over a third of the internet-using population of the UK are proud to have #GotItOnGumtree.

13:30 – 13:50 Ewan Douglas, Agency Principal & Jack Bridgewater, Group Partnerships Manager, Channel 4
“Branded Content: how Channel 4 are connecting advertisers with programmes”

In particular Ewan will focus on;
– Ristorante Pizza creating a romance tie up with the First Dates team.
– Thomas Cook taking “The Secret Lives of 5 Year Olds on Holiday” for a second year.

13:50 – 14:10 Carl Stroud, Editor & Media Consultant & Dan Walsh, PR Consultant, Sky & other brands



 Time Innovation Agenda
14:30 – 14:50 Kristal Ireland, Head of eCommerce & Retail Technology, North Eastern Railway
“Hack the train… using innovation to drive digital culture at LNER”

Covering everything from launching the World’s first travel ticket Alexa skill, to working with Google on new innovative types of rail ticketing, Kristal Ireland will deliver a keynote speech on how to drive a dynamic digital culture in one of the UK’s largest railway companies.

14:50 – 15:10 Laura Crimmons, Founder, Silverthorn Agency
“How AI is driving innovation and efficiencies in journalism & PR”

AI and machine learning are two of the most common buzzwords for 2019. This session will look at how machine learning and AI is actually being applied in the journalism and PR industries currently and what the future may hold.

15:10 – 15:30 Alex Ayin, Commercial Director, Media Chain
“How staying curious on social can help your brand reach millions”

For marketers who want to win on social, curiosity is king.

Curiosity is the driving force behind change. The world is currently witnessing the most accelerated period of change its ever seen. Social media is at the forefront of this change and strategic curiosity is an essential tool.

Alex Ayin has built a career on curiosity. In his talk, Alex explains how he stays ahead of the curve by applying a few key principles to you explore in your marketing. Understanding how to ignore our innate cognitive biases, he will show brands how they can influence human behaviour by constantly looking for new ways to innovate using these new channels. Along with his critical predictions for 2019, he will be using Media Chain’s research and insights data to show you can create the conversation by being first to new formats on social.

Change is inevitable, how will you adapt?

15:30 – 15:50 Colin Woon, Digital Marketing Consultant